The Middle School Hebrew Program includes mainly learning about the Land of Israel. We learn about the history of Israel, geography, lifestyle, culture, and song. We learn about Israel while developing the Hebrew language through all language skills.

As a final project this year, students were asked to create a presentation of some of their favorite places in Israel and to add some activities; games, virtual trips, and videos for the places they chose.  Here are some of the projects created by my terrific group. I will miss them dearly next year and would like to wish them continues success in the future.

בהצלחה תלמידים מקסימים שלי!

  1. Jenny: Project – Israel
  2. Maayan: Project – Israel
  3. Jordan:  Project – Israel
  4.  Yamaya:  Project – Israel

מורה רותי    Morah Ruthie

Grade 8 Final Hebrew Project.