Yeladim Yekarim,

Attached are links to great resources to help you keep your Hebrew fresh and strong:

TeachMeHebrew      Terrific site full of Hebrew grammar exercises, songs, dialogs and more. 

  Hebrew by Nemo    Excellent App with the most essential words and phrases in Hebrew 

Short Videos in Hebrew        Movie Trailers Dubbed in Hebrew

 Hebrew 101                    Videos to teach Hebrew and free podcast lessons

Easy Hebrew              Videos for more advanced Hebrew. I love the Easy Languages channel because it gives you a look at the local culture and offers you context. In this series, the hosts go out into the streets and interview the people they meet. It’s spontaneous and a fun way to hear the way people really speak the language, pick up useful conversational language, and improve your listening comprehension.

Hebrew Podcast            Another great channel with many free Hebrew lessons.    

 Hebrew Podcasts in many different levels      Hebrew Podcasts has dozens if not hundreds of lessons available on their site. You can browse the lessons by level and learn everything from how to get out and about on the town to culture tips.

Fun Hebrew games          Hangman, flash cards, word search and more.

I wish you a fun and healthy summer and see you back in September!

Hebrew Resources for Morah Ruthie’s Middle School classes